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Child Protection


Playaway Day Nursery is committed to the welfare and protection of all children in our care.  We work in partnership with families and local authorities to protect children from harm by ensuring that concerns about their safety are properly investigated.

Nursery staff will be honest with parents about any action that they undertake except in cases where this may affect the safety of the child concerned.  Information regarding concerns about any child will remain confidential.


Safe and Secure


A safe, secure environment is of great importance to any parent leaving their child in a Nursery setting.  This is why Playaway has CCTV and electronic access control.  Our admissions policy is meticulous and at the time of booking your child’s place, you will be asked to complete an ‘Authorised persons to collect your child’ form and only these people will be allowed to collect your child.

Your child will be signed in on the register each time they attend Nursery and signed out when collected.

Any visitors or contractors must produce a form of ID before they gain access to the Nursery and they are required to sign a visitors/contractors book.

Health and Safety is an important part of Nursery life.  We ensure that our Nursery provides a safe environment for all children, parents and staff.  Our in-house procedures and practices are monitored on a regular basis to ensure compliance.  Our staff receive regular training and updates on Health and Safety issues.


We have a NO SMOKING policy within the nursery premises.

Please inform us of any changes to details on your registration form. e.g. emergency telephone numbers etc.

Please telephone nursery if your child is unable to attend on his/her allotted day.


Playaway is situated in a residential area and has limited parking. We therefore ask that you do not park in front of any other house in Maddocks Slade as this is discourteous to our neighbours. Please park sensibly within the lines so that everyone can fit in - even if you are the only car there when you arrive!

Please do not block Maddocks Slade at any time as this is dangerous and frustrating for other road users. If you cannot find parking outside the nursery, the next left past Maddocks Slade takes you to Poplar Road which has ample parking spaces along the road. Alternatively, there is usually parking available in Sea View Road, which is left just before Maddocks Slade.


It would be helpful if you could ensure that any visitors/relatives picking up or dropping off are made aware of these rules.

We are unable to release children to anybody under the age of 14.


Finally - there is a suggestion box in reception - if you have any comments or suggestions about the service we provide, please feel able to put it in the box or speak to management direct, we are never complacent and welcome any input from our parents