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We believe that good communication between parents and staff is essential, therefore, we encourage you to take a close interest in the day to day actions of the nursery and talk to staff whenever you feel you wish to do so.


We know that for both children and parents it is an exciting and emotional time starting at a Nursery.  Parents and staff together plan the entry of individual children to help them settle in as happily and as quickly as possible and to give parents confidence that their child will be happy without them.




We will offer you the opportunity of a home visit with myself and your key person. This provides an opportunity for your child to meet us in their own environment.  


You will then be invited in for a series of ‘settling in’ visits.  Initially we will ask you to stay but once we are confident your child will not become distressed, we will ask you to slowly leave them to build up time away from you gradually until we and you feel they are ready to start.  We typically allow a month for settling in.

What you need to provide for your child at Nursery

A change of clothes.

Nappies and cream.

Pair of named Wellington boots.

A bag for clothes.

Toothbrush and toothpaste.

If children wish to bring their favourite toy to nursery, we are quite happy to let them do this but we cannot be responsible for the toy.

We cannot be responsible for articles that are unnamed.