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Parents will naturally have an interest in an infection-free nursery. We therefore ask for their co-operation in achieving this. Children must not be brought to the Nursery when they have a bad cold, tummy upsets or other symptoms of ill health. It is also very important that any childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox etc. are reported to a member of staff. Such children must be kept away during the infectious periods, as advised by staff.


We shall certainly look after children in an isolated quiet room if they become ill during the day, but we would expect to contact the parent or emergency carer so that arrangements can be made for the child to be collected a soon as possible. This helps to prevent infection spreading.


If your child needs medicine (e.g. antibiotics) prescribed by a Doctor to be administered during Nursery hours, we will be happy to carry out your written instructions.


If a medical emergency arises, we wish to have the authority to take the child to a hospital or doctor if the parent or emergency carer is not contactable. There is a form we ask you to complete for this.


First Aid


All members of staff at Playaway have undergone First Aid Training. This is updated every 2 years.


Child Protection in the Nursery


Under the 1989 Children’s Act as a private day nursery, we are required to be aware at all times of a sudden and definite change in any child’s behaviour; and to discuss with parents any unexplained injuries. If your child arrives at nursery with an injury, please do not feel offended if we ask you to sign to that effect, this protects you and us from any misunderstanding.




Accidents regrettably do happen. In case of an accident, details are recorded on an Accident Form.

You will be informed and asked to sign the accident form, where upon you will be given a copy of the form.