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At Playaway, we recognize that the early years are an amazing and extraordinary time for growth and development in your child.

In a very short time they move from being totally dependent to understanding independence.  They start to explore control over their bodies and feelings and take on the happy feelings of competence..  At Playaway, care and learning are inseparable.  It enables intellect, emotion and language to develop.  Our baby and toddler suite has been designed and staffed to encourage investigation of sights, sounds, touch to experience the world.  Playaway staff encourage interaction and language through conversation, books, songs and sign language.


Each child at Playaway will have their own personal Key Worker who establishes a Personal Care Plan that is continually updated.  Each Key person spends a lot of one to one cuddle time where each sound and movement is met with a warm smile, a kind word, and touch that lets the child know that they are special.


At Playaway we know the joy and power of books.  Even before babies and toddlers understand words and pictures, they can enjoy sharing a book with their Key Person either sat on their knee or on the floor as they go to sleep.


The baby and toddler suite at Playaway comprises of two rooms for the babies to free flow between. A quiet and tranquil room and a sensory room where the Reggio and infinity mirrors, sand and water enable children to explore and find their feet.  It is a rich learning environment with appropriate learning activities helping to develop:


Motor Skills – of reaching, grasping, holding, crawling and then later, gripping, handling, walking,climbing, pushing and pulling.  

Sensory Skills – of colour, size, shape, texture, taste and smell.

Cognitive Skills – of collecting, sorting and solving problems.

These are interlinked with the vast array of art, drama and play activities that surround and decorate the suite.