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Two and four year old Suite

Our aim is to create a place that encourages children to explore, question, investigate, create, imagine and communicate.


Comprising of four rooms, the suite consists of:

Creative room -  a workshop of play to cut, stick, paint, glue and present.

Technology room – for computers, cameras, walkie talkies and a snuggling sofa for reading.

Reflections room – with a Reggio mirror, light tables and building materials.  Universally popular for imaginative and creative construction.  

Imagination room – dressing up, role play and kitchen where imagination holds no bounds.


Two’s and three’s

At Playaway, we fully recognize that at two children are ready to make the transition from the sensory-motor world of toddlers to an increasingly social world.  At two, children need to be assisted to be more independent and to control their important bodily functions.  Two’s experience is similar to that of adolescence, in that it is transitional.  

They are often frustrated and face conflict with what they want to do.  Their imagination often outstrips their competence.

At Playaway, we create a relaxed environment that allows for changes in moods, interests and capabilities. Our staff work closely with the children understanding their inconsistent behaviour, at the same time setting limits calmly and firmly where necessary and laying down firm foundations for developing positive attitudes.


Differential learning

As the children move through 3, so do the opportunities change to build on the children’s knowledge and skill, learning style, interests and sense of adventure.  The individual areas of the suite allow children a variety of projects and investigation of the workings of a widening world.  We use a balance of child and adult planned activities to develop:


   Personal, social and emotional development

   Communication, language and literacy

   Technology and computing

   Mathematical development

   Knowledge and understanding of the world

   Physical development and movement

   Expressive Art and Design


The two-four suite is an ‘Aladdins’ cave’ of fun, enjoyment and learning .  Throughout the day the children can make self-directed and guided choices, participate in planned activities with small groups, join in key family times to discuss their day and share in others explorations and conversations.